Sustainability is not just about the environment or producing something with "green" technologies.  According to Sustainable Seattle, the classic definition of sustainability is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Sustainability isn't measured simply in environmental terms but rather encompasses "the inter-connectivity among ecological, social and economic factors ... (and) address the inter-generational nature of those factors (emphasis mine)."

At Fremont Brewing Company, we strive not only to produce our product sustainably, but also contribute to the sustainability of our neighborhood, city and region.  To that end, we promote neighborhood businesses and buy local whenever possible.  We belong to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, occasionally donate to local causes, and participate in local events and fiestas.  Most importantly, we strive to be a good neighbor and get to know our neighbors.

Community involvement, contributing to Fremont's the quality of life, is a major component of our mission to be a sustainable business. It takes a village.

Check out our Community Involvement page to see the great organizations and causes supported by Fremont Brewing Company (mostly by donating beer but also by opening our venue to their events).

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