Kegs, Kegs, Kegs

Kegs can be acquired at the Urban Beer Garden during business hours and are subject to availability. Please call us at 206-420-2407 to reserve your keg. We request that all reservations be made at least 5-7 business days prior to the desired pickup date. If you need a keg sooner feel free to call us and see what we have on hand, but you're much better off calling in advance.

While we love you, we also love our kegs... and need them back as soon as they are empty. We are a small company and every empty keg counts for us. We do not charge a deposit but we retain your credit card information until we receive our keg back. We will set a return date at the time of purchase and kegs not returned within seven days of that date will be charged $150 per keg and $50 per tap. Kegerator kegs need to be returned within 30 days of purchase and if you need more time, please order a smaller size of keg (or invite more friends to the party!). 

If you have any questions or cannot bring your keg back on time, PLEASE give us a call and we will work something out. If you bring us our keg back at a later date we will happily refund your payment.

  1/2 1/4 1/6
Universale Pale Ale $145 ---- $65
Interurban IPA $150 ---- $70
Summer Ale $145 ---- $65
Wandering Wheat $145 ---- ----


Keg Sizes: 

1/2 barrel (AKA full size keg) = 15.5 gallons = 124 pints = 165 12oz.

1/4 barrel (AKA pony keg) = 7.75 gallons = 62 pints = 82 12oz.

1/6 barrel (No known aliases) = 5.16 gallons = 42 pints = 56 12oz.


Corny Kegs

If you have your own keg, we'd love to fill it! Bring us a:

1. Clean 

2. Sanitized 

3. Pressurized 

Ball-lock or Pin-lock Cornelius keg and we'll have it ready for pickup with the above beer of your choice. Your keg will be ready on Tuesday or on Friday after 3pm, depending on when you dropped off the keg. Kegs that are dropped off from Friday-Monday will be available Tuesday. Kegs that are dropped off Tuesday-Thursday will be available on Friday.

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