Retail Hours

Urban Beer Garden & To-Go Sales


Fremont Brewing is open for TO-GO sales of kegs, bottles, growlers and merchandise:

Everyday: 11:00am - 8:30pm



Everyday: 11:00am - 9:00pm

Looking to have a pint at the brewery? Check out the Urban Beer Garden!



Beer availability for growlers varies from day to day. Check out our weekly tap list to get a rough idea of what we have around or call the brewery at 206-420-2407 for exact up-to-the-minute availability.

Growlers are 1/2 gallon (4 pints). You can bring in your own CLEAN growler for us to fill, or we have fresh new Fremont Brewing logo growler glasses available for $7. Growler fill price depends on the beer and starts at just $8 for our most popular beers such as Universale Pale & Interurban IPA.

Merchandise, Swag, and so on..

We have lots of excellent FBC merch on sale at our brewery, or check out our online Swag Store.

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