Activism Through Beer

Here at the Fremont Brewing Company, we are serious about our commitment to sustainability. What does that mean? For us, it means living in our world as if we mean to stay here, and give the next generation the same opportunities to enjoy the natural bounty as we did (or better). For the brewery, it means conserving every ounce of water, every kilowatt of energy and reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can afford to. Real time, this means investing in equipment, materials and processes that pay back in retained heat, water and energy. Where we can't afford to invest in the latest and greatest technology, we will work with our local, state and national politicians to put in place programs to allow small businesses to have the same tax breaks and capital investment programs as the large companies. Someday, we will all pay the real price of water, electricity and natural gas. When that day comes, Fremont Brewing aspires to be on the forefront of breweries who have invested in these technologies and paid off our capital investment. That's just good business. 

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