Our Brewhouses

The adventure began with a 15-barrel brewhouse from Red Lodge Ales, two 30-barrel fermenters from Georgetown Brewing, and an annual production capacity of 1,000 barrels. We now brew in two facilities, Fremont East, the original, and Fremont West, our new 80,000 square foot facility just about a mile down the road.

Fremont East          Fremont West

Fremont EastTOP

At Fremont East, we currently operate on a thirty barrel (30 BBL) Premier Stainless Brewhouse. This three-vessel, steam-powered system was installed in May of 2014 to replace our original Bruce Brewing Systems (long since out of business) fifteen barrel (15 BBL), two-vessel, direct-fire brewhouse that we purchased used from the fine folks at Red Lodge Ales

Fremont WestTOP

After reaching production capacity at Fremont East, we expanded to a new production facility a mile down the road from our original facility. We call it Fremont West. Here, we operate on an eighty barrel (80 BBL) GEA Huppman, three-vessel, steam-powered system commissioned in July 2016.