Kegs To Go

Hello Beer Lover and Thanks for Stopping By!

To reserve a keg with us, please follow the simple steps below. Please note keg reservations are not guaranteed unless they have been submitted 5 days in advance.

Step 1: Review available Beers and Keg sizing chart to determine your needs (Beer, Keg Size, Quantity). Keg prices include tax. 

Available Beers1/2 barrel1/4 barrel1/6 barrel
Wandering Wheat$165--$70
Stone Squirrel$165$90$70
Dark Star$225$160$120
Keg SizeGallonsPints12 oz
1/2 Barrel15.5124165
1/4 Barrel7.756282
1/6 Barrel5.164256

Step 2: Make your Reservation

Please fill out the form below to place your order. While this is our preferred method (wink-wink, nudge-nudge), we also accept reservations via email at and via phone at 206-420-2407, option 2.
*Required Information

Name *
Phone *
I would like my keg filled with: *
Please choose a brand from our currently available keg offerings.
Size *
Please choose a size. Refer to the chart above for the number of 12 or 16 oz. pours per keg size.
Tap *
Do you require a tap?
Please enter any additional kegs, sizes, and taps.
Pick up date *
Pick up date
Please allow us 5 – 7 days to fill your keg.
Return date
Return date
Kegs with taps must be returned within 14 days. All other kegs must be returned within 60 days.
Any additional information we should know can go here.

Step 3: Pick up & Payment

Urban Beer Garden (1050 N 34th St, Seattle, 98103)

  • Pick up your reserved keg on the date you indicated in our Urban Beer Garden between 11am-9pm at the bar counter.
  • As we are often busy in the evenings, keg pick up is best before 4pm.

Please be sure to bring the following with you:

  • Driver’s License
  • Credit Card
  • Form of Payment

Payment & Deposit Policy

At the time of pick up, you will be charged for the price of the keg. We do not charge for a deposit for the kegs or taps, but we do retain your credit card information. All kegs with taps must be returned within 14 days of pickup. All kegs destined for a kegerator must be returned within 60 days of pickup. After the allotted time for the deposit period has elapsed ,your credit card will be charged $150 per keg and $50 per tap. This charge will be refunded when the equipment is returned in working order.

Step 4: Return

Return keg(s) to the bar counter at the Urban Beer Garden between 11am and 9pm. If we have charged your card due to a late return, we will refund you at this time assuming all items are returned in proper working condition.


We’d love to fill it! Bring us your cleansanitized, and pressurized ball-lock or pin-lock Cornelius keg, and we’ll fill it with any beer listed in the chart. Please see our drop off / pick up schedule below.

Drop OffPick UP
Monday – WednesdayFriday after 3pm
Friday – SundayTuesday after 3pm