We are looking at ways to revise our in-kind donation system to make it more effective and efficient. 

Since our founding, Fremont Brewing has been proud to give back to our community by providing in-kind donations to non-profits whose missions support our core values and our beer has fueled the over-bidding at thousands of auctions region-wide. In 2017 we donated almost $25,000 worth of beer and swag to hundreds non-profits – primarily in the fields of social justice, education, and the environment. As we’ve grown, the volume of requests has surpassed our ability to efficiently respond to requests – as you’d know if you’ve submitted a request recently! 

As we thoughtfully work to improve our system, our goals are to spread the love more widely across our territories while continuing to nourish our immediate community – all while respecting the time and effort of good people like you seeking our support for your event.  

So stay tuned! We’ll update this page as soon as we’ve built a stronger giving strategy – hopefully by the beginning of next year, in time for Spring auction season. We appreciate your patience in the interim.