shine is a bright, hoppy, pilsner with a touch of malt that invites another sip. We have been brewing various versions of shine just for brewery consumption because we simply love to drink German-style pils beer. Now, we offer this brewery-only hoppy pilsner treat for you to try. “shine on you crazy diamond.” -VWPF

Down & Dirty: Bavarian Pilsner Malt and Floor-malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt with Czech Saaz and Magnum hops.
ABV: 5.4%          IBU: 40
Aroma: Spicy, floral, grass, sweet cereal
Flavor: Herbal, sweet bread, pepper/spice
Color: Straw yellow

Availability: Whenever we feel like it.
Fresh Range: 90 days from packaged-on date