Sour Weisse

Kettle Soured Wheat Beer

Sour Weisse is the 3rd release of the Fremont Fermentation Lab, a project Fremont Brewing created to brew unique small-batch artisan beers. Sour Weisse is touched by lactobacillus through a traditional souring process where we let this naturally occurring bacteria - found on all barley - have free reign of the wort in the kettle overnight before we boil it and ferment with our house yeast. It's like a lactobacillus playground (until we kill them during the boiling process). This all-natural process lowers the pH of the wort giving it a pleasant tartness. We then ferment out any residual sugars with our house yeast so the beer finishes dry and delicious ... just like you :)

Down & Dirty: 2-Row Pale, Thomas Fawcett Wheat, Acidulated malt, Raw Wheat, Rolled Oats, and Dextrin Malt with Golding hops.
ABV: 4.0%          IBU: 10
Color: Pale yellow
Aroma: Wheat, peach, slight funk
Flavor: Lemon, bread, tart

Availability: Limited
Fresh Range: 90 days from packaged-on date