Pride, it’s not just about the rainbows, unicorns, and glitter; it’s about celebrating queerness and standing up for the safety and self-determination of the LGBTQ community. Really, it’s all about love.  Our goal with this beer is to create and foster a community for LGBTQ people and friends in the craft beer world. Be proud of who you are, who you like, and what you drink. The proceeds of this beer go to funding organizations supporting and fighting for the LGBTQ community in Seattle and the surrounding area. Here’s to Pride, here’s to you.

With love, the Team at Fremont. 

Down & Dirty:  Skagit Copeland and Skagit White Wheat malts with Huell Melon and Loral hops.
ABV: 4.8%          IBU: 20
Aroma: Grassy, citrus, strawberry, light malt
Flavor: Melon, berry, orange peel, grassy
Color: Straw, light haze

Availability: Brewed each year in June for Pride month, limited.
Fresh Range: 90 days from packaged-on date

2017 Beneficiaries: Lambert House and Ingersoll Gender Center
2016 Beneficiaries: GSBA Scholarship Fund and The Rainbow Center