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We make artisan beers with the best local ingredients we can find. Occasionally one of our beers gets lost or sits on a shelf for too long and gets that "not so fresh feeling". We stamp each can the day it's filled with a "packaged on" date. The chart below has the fresh range of our beers. Did you find a not so fresh beer? Please let us know...

BeerFresh Range
Universale Pale90 days
Interurban IPA90 days
Session Pale90 days
77 Select90 days
Summer Ale90 days
Bonfire Ale90 days
Dark Star90 days
The Sister90 days
The Brother90 days
Winter Ale90 days

Some beers like our barrel aged series will continue to develop in the bottle for many years.  Contact us for more info

if brand is not included in dropdown, please write in below
Printed on bottom of can- ex: #286 PKGD 05/17/17 Printed on neck of bottle- ex: #233 PKGD 04/04/17 Printed on outside of 6/12pack carton- ex: PKGD ON 5/17/17 8:40am
Please leave Fremont beer quality comments below and we will get back to you within 48 hours