Stranger in a Strange Land


In the Pacific Northwest, hop harvest season brings many joys to craft brewers. Not the least of these joys is when brewers make the trek to Yakima and stop in Seattle for a beer and a visit. This year, the wizards from Night Shift Brewing in Massachusetts (it’s on the other coast), swung by for some hop focused fun. Stranger in a Strange Land combines a bit of Fremont and a bit of Night Shift to bring you a treat and a sneak peek at one of the East Coast’s (the other coast) best breweries. Smell the Collaboration, Taste the teamwork, Enjoy this beer. “Dang, that’s good.” – VWP      

Down & Dirty:  Skagit Copeland Pale, Skagit White Wheat, Malted Oats, and Flaked Wheat with Strata, Mosaic, and Citra hops.

ABV: 8.5%          IBU: ACT (a crap ton)
Color: Hazy pale-straw
Aroma: Stone fruit, lemongrass, black pepper
Flavor: Tropical fruit, grapefruit, peach

Availability: November 2018, limited.
Fresh Range: 60 days from packaged-on date